Mayor's Accomplishment


As the youngest municipality founded twenty five years ago amidst the rising insurgency in the province, we understand that we still have a lot to accomplish in terms of governance, administration, social services, economic development and environmental management.  Our local government unit’s poor state of performance, productivity and development for calendar year 2007 reminds us of this.

With more than sixty percent of our land area still classified as a forest reserve and the approval and awarding of our town site still pending in the House of Senate, the local government can only do so much at a time.

Nevertheless, limitations notwithstanding, allow me to assure you that this administration is bent on dedicating its meager resources, financial or otherwise, to build our capacities, improve the delivery of essential public services, and improve the development condition of our constituents.

As a manifest of this commitment, I will endeavor to undertake the following measures to address the gaps identified in the various performance areas of the LGPMS;

On Governance, the formulation of an Executive & Legislative Agenda, the establishment of a Legislative Tracking System, and the installation of a   Public Information Office Desk to support mechanism for Civil Society Organizations (NGOs/POs) and Private Sector Organization concerns.

On Administration, the hiring of professional and technical persons to replace retired/resigned personnel and the filling in of mandatory positions to handle important functions to support the development agenda of the local government.

On Social Development, effective budgetary Allocation, Maintenance of facilities and policies concerning education by the Local School Board, formulation of effective and quality Disaster Management Plan, and to, once the Town Site is approved, implement a Low-Cost Housing for government employees, retirees, and Socialized Housing for the poor.

On Economic Development, the improvement and maintenance of farm-to-market roads and the establishment of a FITS Center that would help support sustainable Agriculture, and reiterating the awaited approval of our Town Site – the eventual creation of an Enterprise, Business and Industry Promotion Council (EBPIC) to plan, implement and monitor various strategies to support the growth and development of Local Enterprise that would provide local investors sustainable economic growth and development.

On Environmental Management, the activation of the Solid Waste Management Board to formulate and implement the Solid Waste Management Plan.

Obviously, we have a lot to improve on the five performance areas and this calls for a more focused and resolute effort on the part of the local government if we are to accomplish this feat.

GOD willing and with the active support of our partners in all sectors of society, we are confident we can address this challenge.


Karabao1.jpg Karabao2.jpg

The continuous services to farmers in the conduct of large insemination to cattle conducted last was been provided to all farmers concerns of 7 barangays.

Agriculture1.jpg Agriculture2.jpg

In order to provide accessible road access to the farmers the on going Improvement/ rehabilitation of 5 sites Farm to market Road located at Purok Riverside Pinowayan, Purok Agbalasyang Bago, Purok Dahunan Bagong Silang, Purok Mangga Jnct Locsin Igmaya-an. There were will be served by this projects. The grant comes from the the Department of Agriculture with the Municipal LGU provides the equipment counterpart.


The purchase and distribution of seeds and Fertilizer to a target 3,354 farmers of Don Salvador Benedicto.

The construction of Farmer's Information Center for the easy and updated information for the farmers.


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Medical Mission was been encouraged by the Municipality of Don Salvador Benedicto to provide health concerns and needs of Salvadorians such as: Surgical Screening- free tyroid operation, Operation Smile-operation for the cleft. Operation Tuli.


The continuous information drive about rabies, Health and sanitation, Drug addiction is the on going activity of our health personnels to provide information about certain diseases and iuts prevention, promote healthy lifestyles, health issues and concerns and inform availability of health ervices.1% equivalent to of the total population is the the target yearly for the “Dugong Salvadorians” to donate blood. For the year 2008 there were ____who donate bloods with the breakdown of 49 Brgy Bunga, Poblacion, 69 Kumaliskis, Bago, Bagong Silang.


The food for school program was saturated in the 7 barangays and was brought about th the 1,029 pre-schoolers. Every child availed 1 kilo for 7 days. The program was implementing to augment to quest of minimizing the incidence the incidence of malnutrition in the municipality.

The Tindahan natin Project has 180,000.00 budget for allocation. It brought livelihood project opportunities to the 10 operators that deliver the low cost price of rice to the indigent families in the municipality.

The early childhood Care and Development (ECCD) which aims to prepare the early years of the children through quality health and social services for a higher probability of moving to higher education and better family relationships has been started from the last quarter of 2008 until 2010. The budget of Php 3,504,000.00 from the MLGU, PLGU, CWC and PAGCOR are being utilized for the Repair of Barangay Health Stations, Daycare Centers, Provision of outdoor facilities for the pre-school children to Daycare Centers, advocacy, procurement and reproduction of learning and resource materials for the health personnel and daycare workers and the conduct of parent effectiveness service.

Social Services1.jpg
Mayor Mac visits the site during the Construction of  Purok Humayan Pinowayan FMR.

The KALAHI-CIDSS; KKB Project has a budget of over Php 8,190,000.00 budget coming from DSWD, Municipal Local Government Unit, Barangay Local Government Unit, Provincial Government Unit and also from the Office of the Congressman Jules Ledesma on it’s 3 year implementation (3 cycles) from 2006-2009.  Its long term objectives are community empowerment, reduction of poverty & improved local governance. The sub projects was been implemented by the community people themselves to fully internalize the project objectives. The KALAHI- CIDSS; KKB sub project were the following: From the 1st cycle (1) Brgy Bago Pre and Post Harvest Facilities, Brgy. bagong Silang Construction of 5 units Solar dryer Located at Purok Odyong, Purok Humayan, Purok Camote, Purok sto. Nino and Purok Dahunan. (3) construction of Farm to market Road of Purok Humayan Brgy. Pinowayan. 2nd cycle sub projects were: (1) Brgy. Igmaya-an Pre and Post Harvest Facilities (which is composed of tractor and implements and also corn mill) (2) Brgy. Pandanon Pre and Post Harvest facilities with the composition of: Rice Mill with Bodega and office, Solar dryer, Corn mill. The 3rd cycle of KALAHI- CIDSS; KKB implementation is still on process with the following sub approved sub projects: (1) Brgy. Bunga Pre- and Post Harvest Facilities, (2) Brgy Bagong Silang Vermi-Culture.

Social Services2.jpg
The Barangay pandanon pre and post harvest composed of Ricemill with bodega and office, Solar dryer.

Social Services3.jpg Social Services4.jpg

Brgy. Igmaya-an tractor from KALAHI CIDSS, with MLGU counterpart is 50% of Total project Cost from the 20% MDF.

The continuous Daycare service which is saturated in 7 barangays served 1, 051 pre-schoolers in the municipality to develop the spiritual and social values, creative  and analytical, ability, personal abilities, and ability to handle human relations, physical development and provisions of comfort and safety for the children age 3-6 year old.


During the switching on ceremony with Hon. Lawrence Marxlen
( From Left – Right)Punong Brgy. Delantar, SB Basiledes Delantar,SB Susan Alisna, Mayor Marxlen dela Cruz ,SB Henry alcorin & Kagawad Johnny Pedrosa.

We were able to provide electricity to five barangays namely: barangays Bunga, Kumaliskis, Bago, Bagong Silang and Pinowayan.



Trainings for Disaster Risk and Management was been conducted last Ocober 1- 10, 2008 held at the Multi-Purpose hall of Don Salvador Benedicto. This training was been participated by 39 participants from different barangays involving all police aide and all bantay lasangs.


The clean up drive conducted by SCNHS and municipal utilities.

Holding true to its commitment to implement effective and participatory Clean and Green Beautification Program, the municipal government of Don Salvador Benedicto has maintained the cleanliness of its major facilities that includes the Municipal Hall, the public market, health centers and canals as the utility workers to be the action man. Students, faculties and residents also took active part in the clean-up drive in what was once considered a “dumping site”. At present, vigilant residents living near the area have helped maintain the cleanliness of the vicinity.


The old abandoned building turned into Municipal Nursery . . . . 


Gulayan,Compost Pit
and Seedling Propagation.. . . .

The Municipality of Don Salvador Benedicto has long been renowned for its “Baguio-like” atmosphere. Fully grown trees that almost cover the municipality contributed much to this fresh, pollution-free and cool environment. Part of this forest preservation effort is the transformation of an abandoned structure near the old slaughterhouse in Poblacion into a functional Municipal Plant Nursery complete with a “gulayan,” an MRF, vermin-culture and residual containment area.

Environment4.jpg Environment5.jpg

To encourage the support of all sectors in the society, advocacy on Natural Resources Management was launched by Hon. Mayor Lawrence Marxlen J. de la Cruz in his program CLEAN, GREEN AND BEAUTIFUL PROGRAM  in which all puroks and barangays have been involved and encourage to join in this activity. This year winner is barangay Kumaliskis won the first price of Php 25,000.00, Brgy. won the 2nd price and Brgy won the 3rd prize. Rest of the Brgys. Received a consolation prizes.

The Municipal Government of Don Salvador Benedicto is presently intensifying its efforts in the implementation of waste management and pollution control through the development and enhancement of the MRF and proper collection and disposal of residual wastes.

Community members especially in the proper area cooperates by segregating their waste. Utility under the office of the MPDC are the waste collector with “No segregation, no collection” policy.


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