Mayor's Message

Mayor MacAs the youngest municipality founded twenty five years ago amidst the rising insurgency in the province, we understand that we still have a lot to accomplish in terms of governance, administration, social services, economic development and environmental management.  Our local government unit’s poor state of performance, productivity and development for calendar year 2007 reminds us of this.

With more than sixty percent of our land area still classified as a forest reserve and the approval and awarding of our town site still pending in the House of Senate, the local government can only do so much at a time.

Nevertheless, limitations notwithstanding, allow me to assure you that this administration is bent on dedicating its meager resources, financial or otherwise, to build our capacities, improve the delivery of essential public services, and improve the development condition of our constituents.

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Kali-kalihan Harvest Festival

Kali-kalihan Harvest Festival

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